Mrs Sally Lo, MBE

I wish to congratulate the New Voice Club of Hong Kong in celebrating their 25th Anniversary.  What a remarkable milestone!


Since 1984, The New Voice Club of Hong Kong has devoted itself to improving the quality of life of laryngectomees, not only to those in Hong Kong, but also to our neighbouring friends and families in mainland China.   


Hong Kong Cancer Fund has developed a long-standing partnership with the New Voice Club, having witnessed the Club’s growth from a small patient support group, to one of the leading support organisations in Hong Kong, assisting over 2,000 laryngectomees every year.


We share a common goal, and that is to help make life better for people touched by cancer.  By relieving anxieties and helping to restore a sense of control, both the New Voice Club and Hong Kong Cancer Fund are committed to ensuring no one faces the cancer journey alone. 


Not everyone can understand the devastation after the removal of the voice box.  A lot of laryngectomees unfortunately choose to withdraw from life, as the effects of treatment become more of a challenge than cancer itself.


But thanks to the tireless effort of the committee members and volunteers, laryngectomees are being helped to overcome their fears and rebuild confidence through the help of their peers.  This spirit of mutual support and friendship is what makes the Club so successful and so appreciated by its members.


I’ve met with many laryngectomees who never imagine that they could speak again after surgery.  Your voice-training program has brought tremendous hope to those in Hong Kong and in the Chinese mainland.   And I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I meet with laryngectomees who have found that renewed enthusiasm for life after receiving support from fellow peers and social workers at the New Voice Club.  Each and every one of you has helped a fellow cancer survivor put the ‘can’ in cancer!  And for that, you should be proud.


It is indeed our honour to be able to jointly realise our missions to remove the stigma associated with laryngectomees, and to improve the quality of life for these many brave individuals. 


I wish to thank each and every one of you for sharing your experience and fostering the importance of cancer support in our community.   The commitment of the volunteers, social workers, active members and particularly Prof. Wei, has made the New Voice Club a shining example to other patient support groups in Hong Kong.


As you celebrate your 25th Anniversary, we look forward to continued collaborations with the New Voice Club of Hong Kong, ensuring the best possible care will be provided to those in need.


May you continue to inspire us all through your peer support group and rehabilitation programmes.





Sally Lo, MBE

Founder & Chief Executive

Hong Kong Cancer Fund