Prof. William Wei
thumb_WilliamWeiIt is my great pleasure to write a message for celebration of the 20th anniversary of the NewVoice Club of Hong Kong.

One of the worst and shocking news revealed to a patient suffering from laryngeal cancer is that his voice box has to be removed as treatment for his cancer. Most patients cannot accept this fact and require a lot of counseling. Even for those patients who agree to undergo surgery, the apprehension, worry and psychological stress of losing their voice together with the uncertainly of care; before, during and after treatment are tremendous. This affects profoundly both the patient and their family members.

Understanding that the personal experiences of patients are of immense value to others who suffer from the same disease, The New Voice Club of Hong Kong was formed in 1984 by a group of successfully treated patients. The mission of the Club is to offer assistance to patients before and after surgery; and to teach the different techniques of voice production, so that all members could regain the ability to speak after total laryngectomy. The Club members also provide psychological support to assist patients to lead a happy and rewarding life after surgery. The members of the Club work entirely on a voluntary basis and over the last two decades, the membership number has grown to over 1800.

The New Voice Club of Hong Kong is one of the first patients’ self help groups in Hong Kong and has set an example for similar organizations in Hong Kong. The President, Mr. Kwan Kun together with current and previous committee members have elevated the achievements of the Club to a higher level. Besides organizing a wide range of activities for members, the Club has recently acquired a more spacious new premise and has established liaison with similar associations both in Asia and internationally.

The Club appreciates the support of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, the Hong Kong Community Chest, the Social Welfare Department and many other organizations that have helped them to achieve their mission. We hope that with their continuing support, the Club could promulgate the Club spirit “Self Help and Mutual Help” to remote regions in China, Asia and globally.

I am really proud to be associated with the New Voice Club of Hong Kong for the last 20 years and to bear witness to its success. With the unreserved devotion, enthusiasm and positive working attitude of all members of the Club, I am sure that the mission and spirit of the Club will continue and I wish the Club every success in its future endeavours.

William I. Wei FRCS FHKAM(Surg, ORL)
Professor of Surgery
W. Mong Chair in Otorhinolaryngology
The University of Hong Kong