Price List

Q : How to join the membership?

A : All those who lost their speaking ability due to Otorhinolaryngology surgery could join our membership.


Q : How to apply for membership?

A : Please fill in the application form, with 2 recent passport size photos (black & white or colour). The application fee is HKD$80*. Please come in person (relatives or friends also welcome) for application. Remarks: Mail or Fax application are invalid. If the surgery was done outside Hong Kong, please provide effective doctor’s certification copy and local identity card copy. The application form could be obtained in our office or download in the “Contact Us” section in the web site. For details of application, please refer to the Application Remarks in “Contact Us”.

* included HKD$50 foundation fee & HKD$30 first year membership fee; those who have effective CSSA certification issued by Social Welfare Department could get exemption of the application fee.


Q : What benefit me if I became the member?

A : Our Club is a nonprofit-making organization, only members are welcome. Members could enjoy purchase of speech aid, milk powder, stoma cover, etc. Product List For Laryngectomees(Chinese Version Only).  Other services included specially organized groups, district groups, recreational activities, etc.


Q : How to select method of speech recovering?

A : In general, hospital aids in making appointment with the speech therapist. Speech therapist will help you to select a suitable method. If you have no chance to meet the speech therapist, you could come to our office in person. Our staff will explain to you the details of different methods and we will try our best to be of assistance.


Q : Which is the best speech aid device?

A : As long as the speech aid device helps you in communication, it is the best for you. Since the outcome of speaking depends on many factors, not all methods are suitable for you. If you could come to our office in person to understand & to try the speech aids before making decision will be the most ideal situation.


Q : How to make donation?

A : If you would like to make donation in kinds, please contact us via telephone 2779 0400 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you want to make cash donation, you can come to our office donate with cash or crossed bank check pay to “The New Voice Club of Hong Kong”. If mailing is more convenient, please mail to Unit 222-224, Podium Level, Block 19, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Please mark down the name of the donors, contact number and the return mailing address. Donation of HKD$100 or above, we will send a thank you letter and a formal receipt for tax exemption to you. Thank you for supporting the laryngectomees.