Goals And Objectives

The New Voice Club of Hong Kong

The New Voice Club of Hong Kong was found by a English laryngectomees, Mr. O. Greenhalgh in 1984. After our hard work, the Club was registered under the Societies Ordinance in October 1984. And the club gained the financial support from the Community Chest and the Hong Kong cancer Fund in 1992 onward. Then, staff was employed and venue was rented from then on.


Through the promotion of self-help and mutual help spirit, to assist the laryngectomees, laryngeal cancer patients and their relatives in regaining their voice and to reintegrate into the community.

Goals And Objectives

The goals of the Club are to develop the self-help and mutual help among the laryngectomees so as to help them to regain their normal speech; to fight for a better disability allowance; to launch social services; and to participate in anti-cancer activities. The specific objectives of the Club are as follows:


I) To promote emotional assistance, psychological support and care

  • Hospital Visit
  • Set up Counter at the ENT Out-Patient Department of the Hospital
  • Home Visit
  • Volunteers’ On-Duty Service and Phone Contact
  • Uphold the Special Needs of Members
Monthly meetings

II) To render information, advice and public education

  • Health Talk & Monthly Meeting
  • Publications
  • Set up Web-site and Facebook of the Organization
  • Sharing Session in Hospitals, Schools and other Social Services Units
  • Participated in and Organized for Public Education Programs
  • Reception of the Visitors

III) To provide interest class, health course & social support network

  • Interest Class and Health Activity
  • Recreational Program
  • District Support Group and Mutual Support Group

IV) To assist member in reintegrating into the community

  • Voice Rehabilitation Class
  • Orientation Program and the Psychosocial Support Group for the New Member

V) To provide direct service

  • Bulk Purchase, Repairing and Equipment Loan

VI) To foster service development and to pursue organization cohesion

  • Staff Training
  • Volunteer Training
  • Retreat, Training of Exco Members and Meeting with Members

VII) To build linkage and to promote self-help & mutual help spirit

  • Membership of the Asian Federation of Laryngectomees Association (AFLA) & the International Laryngectomees Association
  • Exchange Tour to Mainland China
Retired_camp_a VIII) To advocate the betterment & well-being of the patients