Miss Irene Kwok
thumb_irene_kwokIrene C.L. KWOK, Senior Speech Therapist
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The New Voice Club of Hong Kong has been established for nearly twenty years. Throughout all these years, the Club has demonstrated persistence and dedication to strive for the well-being of his members. The Club continues to harness self-help and mutual support spirit through tasks targeted for hospital patients and activities for those in the community. It would not be surprising to see an increasing public recognition of the Club’s involvement and achievement in fostering patient support within the existing healthcare delivery system.

The success in establishing the Club’s leading role among all patient support groups in the community relies very much on the cohesiveness of the executive committee in planning and organizing activities for the sake of this fellow members. The Club has been taken as a model for development of self-help organization in some parts of the mainland China.

It is my pleasure to be one of the Honorary Consultants and be able to share my knowledge and experience in the field of laryngeal speech rehabilitation. I am taking this opportunity to congratulate all the hard work and successes achieved by the Club so far. I am sure the Club will continue to lead the development of patient self-help and mutual support spirit both locally and overseas.