Prof. Cecilia Chan
thumb_cecilia-chanThe New Voice Club of Hong Kong is one of the first pioneers in the cancer survivors’ movement in Hong Kong. Its achievements in helping its members have been widely recognized by professionals and the community at large.

The New Voice Club of Hong Kong provides outstanding services in voice training, counseling and many other forms of services to patients and their families. These services have offered enormous support for patients and their families. They are role models in resilience and dedication in promoting positive attitude towards life. With your mutual aid and self help, you have made Hong Kong a better place to live.

In your 20th anniversary, I would like to express my congratulations to you for you distinguished achievements and contributions. May I wish you every success in your future endeavors to bring the mutual help movement among cancer survivors to new heights.

With warmest regards,
Professor Cecilia Lai-Wan Chan
Director, Centre on Behavioral Health,
Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
The University of Hong Kong