Mrs. Sally Lo
thumb_SallyLoMrs. Sally Lo, MBE
Founder & Chief Executive
Hong Kong Cancer Fund

On behalf of The Hong Kong Cancer Fund, I wish to extend our warmest congratulations to The New Voice Club as they mark their 20th anniversary. After two decades of tireless work, their services have not only grown in Hong Kong, but have also outreached to the Mainland. On this anniversary occasion, I take great pleasure to congratulate the inauguration of the 12th Executive Committee.

New Voice Club was founded in 1984 with around 20 members, and within 20 years the number has greatly increased to 1700. This fast and encouraging development is attributed to the unreserved efforts of the committee. All these efforts have contributed to the strong foundation for the prosperous growth of the organization.

The Club strives to promote mutual help in Hong Kong as well as in China. Apart from local sharing groups, they have set up a Guangzhou support group with monthly meetings. They also visited different provinces in China and shared their experiences of recovery. We are honoured to support their meaningful works since 1995. Their spirits, hard works and contribution to fellow laryngectomees should be recognized, valued, appreciated and commended.

Over the years, close collaboration has been established between the Club and The Hong Kong Cancer Fund. Being a member of ” Friends of CancerLink”, the Club always shows great enthusiasm in many of our fundraising activities and public educational campaigns. In recent years, they even took a step forward into primary and secondary schools to spread anti-smoking and cancer prevention messages.

Many people would be surprised when they hear the new voice of laryngectomees. May their new voices and works encourage and inspire even more laryngectomees in the future. Once again, congratulations to the Club and I wish them all the best in helping more patients and their families in the future.