To build linkage and to promote self-help $mutual help spirit

a)    Membership of the Asian Federation of Laryngectomee Association (AFLA) and the International Laryngectomee Association


The Club has been an active member of the Asian Federation of Laryngectomee Association (AFLA) since its establishment.  It also joined the International Laryngectomee Association (ILA) since 1993.

b) Exchange Tour to Mainland China

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For the purpose to gain insight into the health care settings in Mainland China and to spread the spirit of mutual help, the Club started to conduct exchange tour to the concerned organizations in China from 1993 onwards.  During these tours, our members exchanged opinion and experience of voice rehabilitation as well as mutual spirit with the respective cities in China.

Under the leadership of our Honorary Advisor Professor William Wei of the Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital, the representatives of the Club were able to visit Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan, Shenyang, Changchun, Guangzhou, Guangxi and Tianjiin in the past.

c) Reception of the Visitors


Occasionally, we have friends from other countries to visit us for experience sharing, such as, Thailand Laryngectomees Association and the ENT experts from the Mainland China. Besides, The Royal Highness of Denmark and the representatives of Hong Kong Cancer Fund paid visit.