To render information, advice and education

a) Health Talk Cum Monthly meeting

For rendering a chance to share the recent life among our members and to equip them with more health knowledge, our Club has launched health talk monthly. Talks with diversified themes related to Chinese medical treatment on cancer, problem of hair loss, ear acupuncture, oral treatment, etc.

b) Publication

In order to deliver the most updated information of the organization to our members, the Club has published its own monthly newsletter and mailed to members, related professionals and other concerned parties.

For arousing the public awareness on the prevention and rehabilitation of laryngeal cancer, the Club has issued pamphlets and booklets for delivery.

Besides, patients would encounter communication difficulties after the total laryngectomy. For this reason, the Club has published a “communication picture sign book” in October 2006 so as to help them to overcome all the information barriers in their daily living.

c) Volunteers’ duty service

In order to ease the anxiety of the needy members and their relatives, we have volunteers on duty every day to provide counseling by mean of face-to-face talk. During the past two years, about 750 participant-frequencies were recorded.

d) Web-site of the organization

Our website was launched in early 2003 to strengthen the communication between the Club and the members/other organizations.