To foster service development and to pursue organization cohesion

a) Staff training

In order to promote “lifelong learning” and to enhance the service quality, the Club has sent the staff to attend different training course, workshop and seminar with diversified topics related to management in NGOs, program implementation skill and cancer.

b) Volunteer Training


The provision of volunteer training was aimed to enrich the volunteers’ working skills and encourage them to contribute to the Club and give concern to other. Topics included skills on visiting patients, improvement of communication skills, Training on Palliative Care and etc.

c) Retreat, Training and Special Meeting

Retired_camp_b Retired_camp_c
For the sake to discuss the future planning of the Club and to facilitate the communication between the committee members, we had organized retreat camps cum training workshops for the Executive Committees. All the participants recognized that they could gain new insight from the program.

In order to enhance the service effectiveness of the Club, special general meeting had been conducted. All members were invited to have direct dialogue with our Executive members to express their views on the Club’s by-law and services. The cohesion and the sense of belongings of the members have been significantly raised after these meetings.