To provide social activity & social support network

a) Interest class and Health activity

The provision of interest class and health course is aimed at developing the potential and positive values of the members, as well as to enable themselves to make a meaningful use of their leisure time. With the support of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, we had organized a ping-pong course, Tai Chi courses, a social dance course, etc. Besides, we had conducted various kinds of interest class like Chinese painting class, computer course, a SMS course, Choir for our members.
cook painting

b) Recreational program

The recreational program was always welcomed by the members and their relatives. The activities could improve their family relationship and bring them a lot of joy. More important, they would not feel any embarrassment when they participated in the Club’s activities.

c) District Support Group and Mutual Support Group

The Club strongly believed that mutual support group can help patients living in the same locality or with similar situation to build up supporting network effectively. Therefore, we started to conduct local district group from 1993 onwards. Currently, the Club has 9 district support group. Furthermore, the Club also organized mutual support groups for patient who has undergone glossectomy and total laryngectomy, female members and carers.

In the aspect of concerning the needs of the deprived members in China, we started to organize support group in Guangzhou from August 2001 onward under the unfailing support of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. Representatives were sent to Guangzhou monthly to share their experience on mutual support and voice rehabilitation
In echo to demands of the members in Mainland China, the organization has extended the service scope to other part of Guangdong provinces and established the Zhongshan support group on October 2005.